Name: Hell / RATLIFE

Location: Sydney subs

How staying active:

I’ve worked from home for about 6 years so that hasn’t really changed since iso started, just the work level and deadline urgency has chilled so I guess I’m doing it less unhealthily and giving myself some time to play around instead of just constantly creating new drops and promo for Ratlife.

Just working on an upcycled drop that I’ve wanted to do for ages, and making more 1/1 of pieces with my embroidery machine but I don’t love the idea that if you’re creative, you’re going to be SUPER creative and productive at this time.  Been working on catch up for so long this feels more like permission to take a break than to try and force anything so if I don’t feel like I can, I just play sims, or have a nap with our dogs on the balcony or spend a couple of hours on this ragrug I’ve just started that is going to end me.

Dirty Ramirez - Toxin
Kerwin Frost - Turn That Shit Off! Vol 1
Lil Texas - Whip That Neck
Montana Of 300 - Chiraq
Korn - Right Now

Happy - Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine
Derren Brown

Hand Job: A Catalog of Type
Michael Perry




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